Conteego Systems
Conteego Systems is dedicated to supporting your IT needs. From development & design, system integration, periodic system support and maintenance, antivirus and spam control, backup strategies and execution to complete Disaster Recovery plans and system reviews.

Template Features:
  • Systems design & consulting
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Database systems and software development
  • Backup strategies & execution
  • Antivirus protection and solutions
  • System monitoring
  • Self help systems that put you in control
  • Innovative and affordable software
  • Systems monitors that alert you BEFORE there is a problem
  • System protection tools
  • Training & support



Our Services
Our business is designed to enhance your systems and protect your business. Technology is ever changing and if you're a small or medium sized business, how do you stay on top of it all? Unless you're in the technology business, the answer is, you don't and you know it. Do you have an idea that would help you run more efficiently? Maybe worried that you are not fully protected? D o you need assistance defining what is possible and what you really need or just some basic reporting setup? We can help break it down, analyze yur needs and give you a cost effective plan to get it done and keep you moving forward.

Ask yourself what happens in a disaster or a system failure? Do you have a backup strategy that is robust and flexible? Are you protected from virus', spam and other mal-ware? How do you know?


Initial consulting & price Quotes

Our services are designed for you, the small business owner, to give you peace of mind and systems you can count on. We do this in an innovative and affordable way that won't break your budget. We can set it up for you or one of your staff to monitor, we can assists you in maintenance, proactive protection or just give you a plan that you can execute yourself. Call us for an affordable system review and analysis that lets you decide what you need and when you need it, or maybe just points out the risks and holes that exist in your operation.

Our years of experience are an asset for you to take advantage of. Let us be your Virtual IT department, there when you need it with advice and expertise that you can't afford to have on staff. Our interest is making you more effiicient and showing you how ot leverage teh amazing world of technology resources available to you. There is a world of inexpensive, affordable and sometimes even FREE tools and technologies that we can help you with.

Isn't peace of mind worth a few hours and a few dollars? Can you afford not to?

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Building & Protecting Your Business Systems
You don't need dedicated IT staff to build your capabilities or protect your business knowledge and information assets. Don't take a chance with your business by leaving your systems vulnerable, call us today. We're knowledgeable and affordable, find out how we can help today!